OptiFlow IG07 – State-of-the-art injector technology

The new generation of Gema OptiFlow injector is the first choice for efficient control of the powder output. 

The innovative single-part cartridge design is a cost-effective solution that enables easy access and exchange of the cartridge. A reliable and constant performance is ensured by simply exchanging the cartridge without replacing the whole injector. The unique design with 135° open angle reduces wear and guarantees a constant powder flow over the long term. 

Fewer components in combination with the state-of-the-art injector design ensures the fastest color changes are achieved.

All connections are equipped with a robust quick release mechanism, enabling time-saving access to all parts. This “Plug & Convey” feature accelerates the maintenance and color change times.

The new injector can be flexibly integrated into new or existing coating systems. 

In summary, the new OptiFlow Inline Injector IG07 ensures a constant powder flow, optimized color changes and low operating costs with the most advanced injector technology on the market.