OptiStar 4.0 sets new standards in gun control technology

The precise application and intuitive operation of the OptiStar 4.0 make the control a benchmark in gun control technology. The new OptiStar 4.0 is even more powerful and robust through the use of the latest generation electronic componentry.

The OptiStar 4.0 is defined by its clear display, enabling easy access to all coating parameters and instantaneous adjustment.

The parameters are adjusted swiftly and precisely, ensuring constant, reproducible application results are consistently achieved. 

OptiStar 4.0 can be individually programed with up to 250 customized programs, retrievable at any time.

With the proven DVC and PCC technologies crucial application parameters can be controlled, such as high voltage, spraying current and powder output, ensuring perfect coating results. 

The new Electrostatic App is an innovative feature that allows you to control the powder coating process providing unrivalled consistency and effectiveness. 

The Electrostatic App is a trend-setting tool for powder coating that offers the user new possibilities of process control. The tool covers the needs of different stakeholders – from production line management to the maintenance of the equipment. Relevant application parameters are available on the mobile device and can be adapted via App. 

Statistics and cost calculations on the process are automatically available via Electrostatic App, this saves valuable time and makes the coating process even more efficient. 

In short, the new OptiStar 4.0 creates the environment for Smart Factory Automation.