OptiStar All-in-One®: unique solution of gun controls

New Powder Management Platform: 
OptiCenter OC06 / OC07 / OC08

Unique technologies for successful coating results!

The OptiStar All-in-One® is the first control unit, which combines electrostatics and powder feed with injectors in one compact device. The new design eliminates all pneumatic tubings between controller and injector and includes additional sensor technology on board and advanced PowerClean functionality.

The new OptiStar All-in-one is compactly integrated in the new OptiCenter All-in-One and provides an efficient and space-saving solution without the need for an additional gun control cabinet.

OptiStar All-in-One®: unique solution of gun controls

The new models of the successful OptiCenter series are more than just an upgrade of the proven powder supply system. It is the answer to the requirements of the powder coating industry of our time, which demands to achieve the highest possible coating quality with reduced effort.

All OptiCenters are equipped with the latest technology from Gema.


For further information about these products refer to the new OptiCenter- and
OptiStar All-in-One brochures.

Prices for these new products are included in the upcoming update of the 2019 price list.

First delivery for new orders:

OptiCenter OC06 week 25-2019
OptiCenter OC07 week 23-2019
OptiCenter OC08 week 23-2019